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Kristian Møller 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Jan 2014
Yesterday we posted on our  Facebook Fanpage  asking for players to share their best Minecraft tips and tricks after being inspired by  this informative video . The response was fantastic and even we learned some great things so we're giving you a collection of some of our favourites! 

  • If you place a minecart behind a wall of lava, you could right click it through the lava (if you're close enough) and then you have went through the lava without getting hurt or catching on fire! With that technique you could create some really hard mazes or secret bases! (from Joel M)
  • When making a bridge, break a hole, place lava, wait 3 seconds, remove lava then place water. The lava and water will make pillars. (from Alex R)
  • In the Nether, Ghasts can't destroy cobblestone blocks with their fireballs but they can disable portals. Build a base made of cobblestone around the portal you came through in. (from Ben D)
  • If you have a boat in your inventory, use it underwater to escape quickly from suffocation to minimise health loss. (from Richard R)
  • Hitting the Middle Mouse Button while looking at a block will make you automatically switch to that block if it is in your hotbar! (from Misha G)
  • Bring up the debug screen (F3 by default) to note down the co-ordinates of important locations. It will also show an ID number above each monster's head, allowing them to be seen through walls. This can be very useful when cave exploring. (from Ben M)
  • Holding shift and click on the crafting bench output will pick up all the items you can make in one stack in one click. (from Zach Z)

And the winner of the Minecraft giftcode for the best tip is...  Kuujoe Kuujoe  gave this fantastic tidbit of information:

  • You can use saplings to cook one block.

This is just a small selection of all the tips submitted, you can see all responses  here . Thanks to everyone who shared their tips. If you have your own tips to add you can reply to this post or on the  Facebook post  and maybe you'll save another minecrafter some time and resources! 

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